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Hello all!

Firstly, thank you for checking out my website. I will use this blog section for any kind of updates, announcements, and also to share any short stories.

In my Author's Note of "The Heir" I mentioned that I was working on some short stories set in and through out the Collins Twins' lives. I included one at the end of "The Heir" titled: "Fight, Fight, Fight!". I also released a story in honor of the blood moon titled: "Six Week Itch". I'll post both of those stories on here in separate posts.

In honor of the release of the website, I wanted to share another one with my readers. Again, I recommend having read the trilogy in order to somewhat understand the stories. That way you have an understanding of the mythology.

The story I've shared takes place throughout a few summers during Darcy's teenage years. It starts during the summer before her 13th birthday to right before her 16th.



Darcy had been working for Doc Robinson since she was twelve. The vet had been so impressed with how well she kept her family’s barn he had offered the young alpha $50 every weekend she came to his own and cleaned the stalls.

Honestly, Darcy would have done it for nothing. She felt so important saddling up Widowmaker every Saturday and Sunday morning before riding out to Doc’s farm to work.

How many twelve-year-olds had a job and a commute?

When the summer holiday came around, Doc had asked Darcy if she would want more responsibilities. She agreed before she even knew what he was asking. She was just excited about the opportunity to do more riding and the fact that her salary doubled was a nice bonus.

Unfortunately, Darcy’s new responsibilities were keeping Doc Robinson’s niece, Krissi, entertained with riding lessons. She was spending her summer vacation with her uncle while her parents went on a long vacation traveling through Europe. Darcy felt bad for the girl, she would have been pissed if she was handed off to a relative she barely knew while her parents took some fancy trip.

Krissi was nice enough. She was about Darcy’s age, just a few months older as she constantly

bragged about how cool it was being a teenager. She did get kind of bratty when Darcy wouldn’t let her just jump on a horse straight away. The more Darcy talked about horses and how to handle them, the more she lost interest in riding lessons altogether.

“Don’t worry about it,” Doc had assured Darcy when she apologized for not being able to teach her, “The fact that you kept her focus for more than half a day is an accomplishment on its own.”

Darcy resumed her normal duties of mucking out stalls and brushing horses. She preferred that kind of work, anyway. The only problem was that now Krissi followed her everywhere, talking a mile a minute about how different Canada was from the US and constantly asking Darcy questions. Darcy tried to give short and one-word answers, hoping Krissi would take the hint and leave her to her work.

She didn’t.

“Do you guys have football up here?” Krissi asked as Darcy lay fresh hay down in the stalls, “Or just hockey?”

“We have football, too.”

“Does your school have a hockey team?”

“The Academy does.”


“The Collins Academy, that’s where we’ll go for high school.”

“Isn’t your last name Collins?”


“Wait, you’re one of those Collins?”

Darcy shrugged.

“Yeah, you are,” Krissi beamed. “You’re, like, millionaires, right?”

“That’s a rude question,” Darcy glared at her, her alpha stare causing the girl to cower a bit.

“S-sorry,” Krissi managed to say, looking like she wanted to cry.

Damn it, Darcy thought to herself, Way to go, Collins.

“It’s okay,” Darcy said, her voice much softer. “I didn’t mean to snap, it’s just- that’s what we’ve been told to say.”

“No,” Krissi said, “You’re right, it was rude. I’m sorry.”

“Forget it,” Darcy finished the last stall before taking the wheelbarrow out to the compost heap.

She had just settled into the quiet again when Krissi spoke up, “Do you have cheerleaders?”


Darcy started bringing Ceri with her over to Doc’s. Ceri and Krissi got on like a house on fire. They talked about boys, clothes, and cheerleading while Darcy mucked the stalls. They’d sit out and sunbathe while Darcy made sure the horses had plenty of clean water. Krissi taught Ceri how to do a back handspring while Doc Robinson showed Darcy how to change a horseshoe.

By the end of the summer break, Krissi and Ceridwen were already planning on what they would do together next summer. Darcy figured it was empty promises, like all the signatures you got in a yearbook when the school year ended. Her yearbook was filled with her classmates’ phone numbers telling her to keep in touch.

She never did.

Darcy had been surprised the next summer when Doc had told her that Krissi wanted to spend another summer with him. “I know she just wants to come hang out with the Collins twins,” he told her.

“She and Ceri really hit it off, I guess,” Darcy shrugged.

Krissi and Ceridwen did much of the same as they had the previous summer, Darcy went on a few calls with Doc. The summer holiday was gone before any of them realized it. Krissi and Ceri bid each other a tearful goodbye with promises of next summer and keeping in touch through instant messenger.


Krissi started coming back every summer. Every year, at the end of June, she would accompany her uncle to the estate to visit her “besties”. Darcy wasn’t sure why she was included in the title as she was usually working and not paying a bit of attention to whatever the girls were talking about.

Although, Krissi did reach out to her on instant messenger during the school year. Darcy rarely chatted online, but she would get online to chat with Krissi.

The summer after grade 10, Doc stopped by the estate after picking up Krissi from the airport. He needed to do the yearly check-up on Widowmaker and knew it would give his niece a chance to reunite with her friends. When Krissi got out of the truck, Darcy felt her jaw drop.

Suddenly, she understood the Beach Boys song, California Girls. Her skin was tan and her blonde hair was even lighter due to all her time at the beach. She was wearing cut off jean shorts and a halter top that showed not a single tan line.

WANT! Darcy’s wolf barked in the back of her mind. It had been saying that a lot lately. She was brought out of her stupor when her sister started squealing and jumping.

“It seems Krissi really grew up since last summer,” Bernadette said as she walked up next to her oldest daughter.

Darcy buried her hands in her pockets and looked at her shoes. “I guess.”

“Darcy,” Krissi said, pulling the alpha into a tight hug, “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Yeah,” It took Darcy a second to return the hug. Krissi’s skin smelled like sunshine and coconuts and was so warm to the touch. “Guess I finally grew into my body.”

Krissi laughed and Darcy noticed how her eyes crinkled when she did. “I know it didn’t go so well last time, but do you think you could try to teach me how to ride again?”

“Uh, sure,” Darcy managed, running her hand through her hair. “If, if you want.”

“Totally,” Krissi said, giving the taller girl’s arm a squeeze and a smile that Darcy swore could be in a toothpaste ad.

“But first,” Ceri said, throwing her arm around Krissi’s shoulder. “You’ve got to tell me all about this boyfriend of yours.”

Darcy felt her heart sink. Krissi never mentioned she had a boyfriend. At least not to her.

“Duh,” Krissi said, “Hey, he should be online now. I’ll introduce you.”

The two girls skipped inside chatting about all the things they were going to do that summer.

“You going to meet Krissi’s boyfriend?” Bernadette asked Darcy.

“Nah,” Darcy said, “I’m gonna go help Doc with Widowmaker.”

Bernadette watched her daughter walk towards the barn, her shoulders slumped in defeat.

“She alright?” Alistair asked. “I thought she was excited about Krissi’s visit.”

“She was,” Bernadette told her husband, “I don’t think she knew about the boyfriend.”

“Oh,” The alpha said, “She’ll be fine. Just a late bloomer. I’ll be chasing her suitors away before we know it.”

Bernadette rolled her eyes, sometimes her mate could be so oblivious.


The summer progressed as usual.

Darcy would work with Doc while the girls sunbathed and gossiped. The first time Darcy had a slow moment in her day, Krissi hit her up for a riding lesson.

“Yeah, sure,” Darcy said, “Let me get Daisy saddled-”

“Actually,” Krissi said, “You think I could ride Widowmaker?”

“Nice try, Kris,” Ceri laughed, “Only Darcy rides that horse.”

“You ride her,” Krissi argued.

“Only if Darcy is driving. She’d never let me ride her by myself.”

“Because it’s too dangerous,” Darcy said, “Widowmaker bucks everyone else off.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” Krissi said, looking up at Darcy through her lashes. “I’ll bet you could keep her tame for me.”

Darcy thought she might swallow her tongue. “I-I don’t-”

“Darcy!” Doc called from the field, “Would you go out to the Patterson’s for me? Their horse threw a shoe.”

“On it, Doc,” The young alpha called back, grabbing a tool bag before climbing up into the saddle. She couldn’t help but notice the flush in Krissi’s cheeks as she did so. “We’ll pick up your lesson another time.”

Krissi nodded and Darcy tipped her field hat before taking off towards the Patterson’s farm. She couldn’t help but smile as she caught the scent of Krissi’s arousal as she sped off.


Krissi spent more time at the estate than she did at Doc’s. Darcy didn’t mind at first, but Krissi’s boyfriend seemed to earn a mention every time Darcy was in earshot and it got old real quick.

Zack is a senior this year.

Zack drives a convertible.

Oh, my God, that guy looks totally like Zack.

The young alpha suddenly had an irrational hatred for all guys named Zack. Especially Krissi’s Zack as he seemed to go out of his way to upset her. Darcy caught her sneaking away to cry every now and again.

She hated the guy for making such a sweet and beautiful girl so upset. Although, if he didn’t, Darcy wouldn’t get to hold her close and reassure the beautiful blonde by showering her with compliments while she took in the scent of lemons in her hair. She’d even earn an occasional kiss on the cheek as a thank you.

One night, Ceri had a date. Her first date, with one of their pack members’ sons. The twins were getting ready to celebrate their sixteenth birthday and he had invited Ceridwen out to dinner and a movie to celebrate.

Krissi helped the omega get ready for her date, while Darcy and her parents spoke to the young man in the living room. Bernadette asked him about his plans after graduation, Alistair told him that Ceri was very special and to treat her right, Darcy simply stared him down. She eventually pulled him aside before he and Ceri left to give him a warning.

“You so much as think about touching my sister anywhere that’s covered by clothing and I’ll rip your spine out through your nose, got it?”

Darcy couldn’t help but smile when she heard the audible gulp.

After they left, Darcy went back to her room above the barn, only to find Krissi there curled up and crying on her bed.

“Kris?” Darcy said, “What’s wrong? I thought you were going back to Doc’s.”

“Zack and I had another fight,” The girl said.

Darcy bit her tongue to hide the smile that threatened her lips. She pulled her desk chair next to the bed and sat down, rubbing Krissi’s back. “Want to talk about it?”

“Ugh! He’s such a jerk,” She turned and Darcy noticed that Krissi wasn’t crying after all. “All he’s done all summer is tell me how selfish I’m being for enjoying my time away from him. Meanwhile, he’s going off to parties, flirting with pretty girls, and showing off to tourists on his surfboard. He’s such a beach rat.”

“I thought you said beach rats were cute,” Darcy said.

“No, I said you would be a cute beach rat,” Krissi clarified, making Darcy’s ego swell. “You have got to come out to Malibu. You in a little black string bikini… all the girls would be after you.”

Darcy blushed. “I doubt it, I’m so pale I’d probably make everyone go blind.”

Krissi laughed. “We definitely need to work on that farmer’s tan. You’re not Kenny Chesney, after all.”


“Nevermind,” Krissi chuckled. “Would you do me a favor?”

“Want me to beat him up for you?” Darcy was only half-joking.

“Thanks, but no. I was wondering if you would kiss me?”


Darcy’s mouth went dry, “Kiss you?”

“Yeah,” Krissi said, as though she just asked Darcy to do something as menial as tie her shoe.

“Since you like girls and we’re friends, I thought that maybe you can tell me if I’m good at it or not.”

“I don’t know, Kris,” Darcy said, fighting every urge to close the distance between them. “Like you said, we’re friends and I don’t want you to do anything you might regret later.”


“I won’t regret it,” Krissi said. “I trust you, Darcy.”

“But, if you kiss someone else, won’t that be cheating?” Darcy had to bring some logic into this situation. She’d never been in a relationship before, but she didn’t want to actively participate in any sort of cheating.

“That’s what’s so great about it,” Krissi said, sitting up and facing Darcy. “It doesn’t count cause there’s no feelings here.”

Darcy felt her heart sink again. How could Krissi not know how she felt about her? Did she think that she said nice things to all the girls she knew? Did she not listen when Darcy reassured her insecurities by telling her how beautiful she was and how Zack should count his blessings that such an amazing girl even spoke to him?

“You’re just a friend doing me a favor, right?”


“Krissi, are you sure?”

“I just want to make sure my boyfriend isn’t bored,” The blonde explained. “Please, Darcy? You’d really be helping me out.”

Darcy was wrestling with her wolf. It was practically screaming at her to throw the blonde down so Darcy could have her way with her. As much as Darcy wanted to, she knew it would be wrong.

But maybe, Darcy thought to herself, this is all she needs.

Just one kiss and Krissi would know how Darcy felt. She could kiss Krissi and she’d forget all about her stupid boyfriend. Sure, it wasn’t right kissing someone else when you’re in a relationship. But he treated her like dirt, so of course, she would look for comfort in the arms of someone else.

And why couldn’t I be that someone?


“Okay,” Darcy said, “When do you-”

She was cut off as Krissi grabbed her face and pulled her in to meet her mouth. Darcy’s wolf howled in the back of her mind, and she did her best to stifle the moan as Krissi’s lips moved against her own.

Darcy had always worried that her first kiss would be clumsy, that it would be nothing but bumping teeth and noses, but she was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. Maybe it was because Krissi had more practice, Darcy didn’t care. All she knew was that she had a taste and wanted more.

Apparently, Krissi did too, as the alpha felt the blonde straddle her lap. “It’s easier this way,” Krissi explained against her lips.

Darcy mentally thanked any and every god known to man for the fact that her desk chair didn’t have arms. “So much easier.”

Krissi smiled against her lips and moved her hands from Darcy’s face, one tangling in Darcy’s hair the other snaking around her shoulders, pulling the alpha closer.

The blonde’s tongue kept tracing Darcy’s bottom lip. Remembering everything she had ever read, Darcy opened her mouth and nearly came undone at the feeling of the warm, wet muscle pressing against her own. She couldn’t help the growl that escaped her throat.

Krissi pulled away, breathlessly.

“What is it?” Darcy asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Krissi shook her head, “Y-you’re really good at that.”

Darcy felt a cocky grin spread over her face. “Yeah?”

“Oh, yeah. That thing you did that made your tongue vibrate...” Krissi ran a finger over her bottom lip. “You should give Zack some tips.”

Darcy cleared her throat, she didn’t want to think about him right now. She didn’t want Krissi thinking about him, either.


“You’re an amazing kisser,” Darcy managed.

“Really?” Darcy couldn’t help but feel proud of how happy the blonde sounded. “You mean it?”

Darcy nodded. “I didn’t want to stop.”

Shit! That was out loud.

“We don’t have to,” Krissi said.

Darcy felt her entire body perk up. “We don’t?”

Krissi shrugged, “Practice makes perfect, right?”

It was all the confirmation Darcy needed. The young alpha took charge, pulling the blonde’s face down and crashing their lips together. Krissi moaned into her mouth and sent a shock of arousal straight to Darcy’s center.

Darcy had been aroused before. She was a teenager, after all. But this time was different. It was way more intense. Almost painful. Her whole body tingled and felt itchy, almost as though her wolf was trying to claw its way out of her skin.

Maybe it was because there was a girl kissing her this time. Maybe it was because there was a full moon soon. Darcy wasn’t sure, but something was making her want to strip down to nothing and have her way with Krissi.

“Do it again,” Krissi husked against Darcy’s mouth.

Darcy knew what she wanted. The first growl had been involuntary, she’d almost hoped the blonde hadn’t noticed. But hearing her beg for it sent another shot of arousal to her core, Darcy had to oblige.

Krissi made a satisfied noise as Darcy growled into her mouth.


Darcy felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her clothes were too tight. They needed to come off. Krissi’s clothes were in the way. Their skin needed to be touching, they should be bare.

But she didn’t want to push Krissi, she needed the other girl to set the pace.

She just wished she could get rid of the nagging feeling that made her want to rip her skin off.


Darcy lifted the girl in her lap and practically tossed her across her bed. Before the blonde could react Darcy was crawling up over top her body.

“Wow,” Krissi said, running her hands up and down Darcy’s arms. “You’re stronger than you look.”

Darcy gave her a cocky smile. Now that she was on top, the desire to claw her skin off had subsided. “All that work for your uncle,” She explained. Sure she could lift a 200-pound foal like it was nothing, but Krissi didn’t need to know that.

Krissi pulled her down, wrapping her legs around the alpha’s waist while pulling her in for a greedy kiss. Darcy moved her mouth down the blonde’s jaw and down her neck. Her skin tasted the same way it smelled and Darcy couldn’t get enough.

“Oh, God,” Krissi gasped as Darcy softly nipped her neck, “How the hell do you not have a girlfriend?”

Because none of the girls at school are you, Darcy thought, but only made a noncommittal grunt in response.

“Their loss,” Krissi said as she arched her back so she could press her body into Darcy’s.

The heavy scent of arousal was thick in the air. Darcy could smell both Krissi’s and her own mingling together. How couldn’t the blonde girl smell it? Darcy could taste it, it was so thick.

Krissi’s nails were digging into her shoulders, “If you want, we could-”

“Darcy?” Bernadette called from the barn.

“Shit!” Both girls muttered pulling apart as though they had just been caught. Darcy fumbled to her feet while Krissi sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

“Darcy? Is Krissi up there with you?”

“Uh, yeah,” Darcy said, she thought about lying but knew her mother would have followed Krissi’s scent.

“Krissi, dear,” Bernadette called and Darcy noticed her voice was coming closer.

No, Darcy thought, No no no no no no, please don’t come up here.

“Your uncle called, he’s wondering where you are. Mr. Collins is going to give you a ride home.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Collins,” Krissi said, “I’ll be right down. The blonde gave Darcy a quick peck on the cheek. “See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, later,” Darcy said, her wolf clawing to get back out.


Krissi left the room and Darcy collapsed back onto her bed. Her skin felt like it was on fire and she fought the urge to strip down and howl.

“Darcy?” Bernadette said, suddenly standing in her room. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Darcy said, scratching at her skin. Praying that her mother couldn’t smell the traces of arousal in the air.

“You sure? You seem a bit…” Bernadette narrowed her eyes and examined her daughter, “You look rather flush.”

“I need to change,” Darcy said, pulling her clothes off in hopes that would relieve the heat of her skin. “I feel like my wolf needs to get out.”

Bernadette walked over and placed her hand on her daughter’s forehead then her cheeks. Her mother’s hand was cool and brought a little relief.

“Take a cold shower,” Bernadette said after a moment.


“You’re going into heat,” The older wolf explained. “We need to calm you down.”

“Heat?” Darcy was appalled, “But I’m only sixteen.”

“And your father says you’re a late bloomer,” Bernadette said under her breath. “Go take a cold shower while I call your Gran.”


“Because she’ll have to make you some suppressants,” Bernadette explained. “We can’t have you running around willy nilly in heat at such a young age.”

Darcy groaned and made her way into the bathroom turning the cold water on full blast.

“I know, love,” Bernadette said, “But it only happens every few months.”

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