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Here's to a uneventful 2024

Hello all. I hope everyone had a good holiday. My wife and I had a pretty rough few weeks. For starters we lost our cat, Leo, right before Christmas. He was my wife's emotional support animal and she took it very hard.

Then, the day after Christmas, I noticed my kitchen ceiling leaking. Turns out there was a clogged pipe in the upstairs bathroom that has resulted in part of our ceiling being ripped out, a bathroom with no sink, and a lot of fans spread throughout the house.

Now our washing machine won't drain. It's just one thing after the other...

On the plus side, it's a new year which means new reading challenges. As always, there is Jae's Sapphic Book Bingo:

My books meet a few categories:

The Collins Trilogy- Speculative Fiction, Found Family, Character is a CEO, Fierce Sapphics Hidden Gem: Sapphics with sword (The Cure).

Sleepy Hollow: A Novella- Fall/Autumn Cover, Fierce Sapphics, Competency is sexy, Hurt/Comfort, Speculative Fiction

Blackpoint- Historical Fiction, Found Family

Hidden Gem: Interracial Couple, Non-Binary or Trans Character

I am currently working on a new romance book, set in New Orleans. I don't want to give away too much as it is still in it's early stages, but I hope to get it written this year. I am also playing around with some ideas for a follow up novel to The Collins Trilogy. Right now it is just in the "brainstorming" phase, but the ideas are coming.

If you would like to help my wife and I out with the plumbing repairs and the never ending bills that just seem to be piling up, please check out my wife's shop:

Also, if you would like a physical copy of one of my books please feel free to reach out. I am happy to sign any physical copy (plus we can cut Bezos out of the middle man). I also have a YouTube Channel where I play video games if that's more your thing.

Thanks for listening, hope you all have a safe and uneventful 2024...

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