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Six Week Itch

This is the story I released back in January for the Wolf Moon. This is a story you will definitely want to have read the full trilogy first to avoid spoilers.


“Quit squirming,” Ceridwen told her sister. “You’re worse than Alec.”

“I’m sorry, but you coming at me with needles has never ended well,” Darcy retorted.

“One time,” The omega said, taking a little too much pleasure when the alpha flinched as she stuck the needle in her bicep. “I messed up one time and you never let me hear the end of it.”

“Tell you what,” Darcy said, “If this works, I’ll never mention it again.”

“Good,” Ceri said as she pulled the needle out and slapped a bandage on her sister’s arm. “Then shut the hell up.”

Darcy looked down and noticed the brightly colored band-aid on her arm. “Seriously?”

“I thought it would make you feel better. I know how much you love Spider-man.”

“How the hell am I supposed to get laid with this plastered on my arm?”

“The fact that you get laid at all is a conundrum I will never understand.”

Darcy laughed as she pulled her blazer back on, “Okay, anything I should know about?”

“No,” Ceri told her, “All the tests showed that everything was working as it should. You didn’t experience any side effects with the test run so you should be fine.”

“Should be?”

“Shut up and go,” Ceri said, rolling her eyes.

“Thanks, Kiddo,” Darcy said, kissing the top of her sister’s head as she made her way out of the office, “I owe you.”

“You really do.”


Tamsin sat at the bar, sipping on fizzy water while waiting for her date. Despite her better judgment, she checked her phone to check the time.

Her lock screen lit up, showing a picture of a very focused baby, studying her fingers as though they held the secrets of the universe. Her full lips forming a perfect circle as she discovered the control she had over the tiny digits.

7:00 PM turned to 7:01 PM.

“Cute kid,” A voice came from beside the doctor. Tamsin looked to find a tall, dark-haired woman leaning against the bar, giving her a wolfish grin. She was dressed in a red pantsuit that was tailored to fit her body perfectly. “Your daughter?”

Tamsin smiled and put the phone down. “How could you tell?”

“Because she’s gorgeous, just like you.”

“Ooo, aren’t you a smooth talker?”

“Just stating the obvious,” The woman said, gesturing at the empty barstool next to the redhead. “May I?”

“Well,” Tamsin said, “I’m supposed to be meeting someone, but they’re late so I suppose you can keep me company until they arrive.”

The woman’s smile widened as she sat down next to Tamsin. She had to unbutton her red blazer so she could sit, revealing a black vest and the perfect tease of cleavage. “What kind of a monster would leave such a beautiful woman waiting in a place like this?”

“To be fair,” Tamsin said, “They’re only a couple of minutes late.”

“Unacceptable. A woman of your caliber should never be kept waiting. They should have been waiting for you.”

Tamsin tried to hide the blush that crept across her cheeks as her companion waved the bartender over.

“What can I get you?” He asked.

“Two dirty vodka martinis, please,” She said.

“Yes, ma’am. Now, when you say dirty…”

“I mean filthy,” She looked at Tamsin then, “Unless you’d prefer something else?”

“Filthy is fine.”

The bartender nodded and set off to make their drinks.

“I like your suit,” Tamsin said.

“Thank you, I don’t normally wear such an ostentatious color.”

“You think red is ostentatious?”

“It is when you normally wear black.”

“I think red suits you quite well.”

“Thank you,” The woman in red said, “So this person you’re supposed to be meeting…”

Tamsin rested her chin in her palm and waited.

“Your child’s father?”

The redhead smirked, “Something like that.”


The bartender placed their glasses in front of them.

“But,” Tamsin said as they both lifted their glasses. “I have a feeling he’s not going to make it. Even if he did, something tells me I’d have a far better time with you.”

The dark-haired woman clinked her glass to Tamsin’s, “I personally guarantee it.”


“Ow! Shit!” Darcy hissed as Tamsin slammed her against the door the second they entered the hotel room.

“Sorry, baby,” Tamsin said her hands sliding all over the alpha’s body, trying to figure out where to start. “Got a bit carried away there.”

“A bit?” Darcy said, rubbing the spot on her back where the doorknob had tried to impale her spine. “You know we have all night, right?”

“Yes, but I’ve been waiting six very long weeks for tonight and someone didn’t account for city traffic so they were late.”

“One minute late,” Darcy smirked as her wife’s hands skimmed over her body. She took the shorter woman’s hands in her own, bringing them up to her mouth and kissing her fingertips.

“I seem to recall you telling me if I ever look at you with so much as a twinkle in my eye, that you would shut it down by giving me a swift kick between my legs.”

“That was before I saw you in this suit,” Tamsin said grabbing the lapels of the jacket and pulling Darcy down into a hungry kiss that left them both gasping for air. “I love you in red.”

Darcy smiled, pulling her wife’s body flush against her own as she moved her mouth down the shorter woman’s jaw. “I love you in this dress, but right now I want you out of it.”

“You got your shot, right?” Tamsin husked as Darcy’s lips found purchase on the sweet spot of her neck.

“It’s why I was late,” Darcy said into her neck as Tamsin pushed the jacket off her shoulders.

The doctor’s nails scratched down Darcy’s arms, stopping briefly when she felt the bandage,

“What the-” She pulled it off the werewolf’s skin to examine it. “Really?”

Darcy plucked the bandage from her fingers and threw it in the garbage as Tamsin started unbuttoning the alpha’s vest. The vest opened revealing Darcy’s full breasts.

“That’s a nice surprise,” Tamsin said as she ran her fingertips over the taller woman’s erect nipples.

“Now you understand why I love it when you wear nothing under your dresses,” Darcy said before turning the redhead around and fumbling with the zipper.

“Problems?” Tamsin asked glancing over her shoulder.

“Bloody zipper’s stuck,” Darcy grunted. She tried to fix it but after a few moments the alpha let out a frustrated growl and the sound of fabric ripping filled the room.

“Darcy!” The druid cried out as the dress was torn off her body.

“I’ll get it fixed,” Darcy timbered in her ear as she tossed the garment aside.

Tamsin could tell that Darcy’s control was hanging on by a thread. Normally, her mate liked to take her time and torture her, removing her clothes agonizingly slow. The last time Darcy had ripped off her clothes had been when they conceived Sarah, ironically enough.

Darcy had already unhooked the redhead’s bra and was pushing her panties off her hips when Tamsin stopped her. A growl from behind made her legs give a bit. Darcy steadied her before locking eyes with the redhead in the mirror as she sank her teeth into Tamsin’s shoulder.

The redhead moaned as Darcy’s eyes bled into their wolf form. Through their bond, she heard Darcy’s wolf call out to her: MINE!

Tamsin answered the beast by reaching back, grabbing a handful of Darcy’s hair all while keeping eye contact through the mirror. “All yours, baby.”

She arched her back, causing her ass to press against Darcy’s front. The alpha responded by rolling her hips into her backside.

Tamsin pulled away, slightly, Darcy let out a whine at the loss of contact.

“Just a second,” Tamsin assured her mate as she used her free hand to reach behind her and loosen the alpha’s belt.

Darcy’s teeth released Tamsin’s shoulder as the alpha looked down to watch her wife unbuckle her belt and start undoing her trousers (one-handed and without having to look, thank you very much). When her pants were open, Tamsin slid her hand inside. Darcy let out a moan as her wife’s fingers teased over her sex before pulling back out and tugged at the fabric.

“These are in the way,” The redhead smirked over her shoulder.

Darcy pushed them down, not wanting to waste another second. They pooled at her ankles and she debated whether or not she should kick them off, but that meant having to stop so she could remove her shoes as well.

“Leave them like that,” Tamsin purred as she bent over in front of the alpha, sliding the lace panties down her legs. “I can’t wait any longer.”

Darcy pressed her front forward while pulling Tamsin’s hips back, pressing her ass against her. Both women moaned at the contact.

“Please, Darcy,” Tamsin moaned while leaning back to bring their lips together.

Darcy pushed her forward, placing the doctor’s hands on the small chest of drawers that sat under the mirror. Tamsin let out a gasp as Darcy leaned over, their eyes locking in the mirror as Darcy whispered against her ear, “Don’t you dare move.”

Tamsin could only nod in response.

Darcy’s blunt nails scratched down the alabaster skin of her wife’s back to her perfect ass that the alpha couldn’t help but slap. She kept an eye on Tamsin’s hands, making sure they were staying put on the dresser as she said. Tamsin’s nails were digging into the wood and Darcy was sure there would be scratch marks come tomorrow, but all she could do was stare as her wife arched her back, presenting herself before her alpha.

Darcy gripped Tamsin’s hip with her left hand, their eyes locking again as Darcy lifted her right hand to her mouth wetting two fingers.

Tamsin let out a whine as the alpha took her time, making a show of it before releasing her fingers with an audible pop. Tamsin watched as Darcy’s hand disappeared and moaned when she felt her alpha’s fingers enter her ready center.


“Baby,” Tamsin gasped as she writhed against the bed. “I-I can’t, not again.”

“Mmmm, yes you can,” Darcy’s voice timbered between her legs.

“It’s too much,” Tamsin said, gripping a pillow with one hand, while trying to pull Darcy’s hair to break the contact, with the other. “I might explode.”

“That’s what I’m going for, gorgeous,” She could feel the smile on Darcy’s lips.

“Please,” Tamsin cried, “Please, baby, I need a break.”

Darcy stopped what she was doing and Tamsin felt like she could breathe again. The alpha kissed her way up the redhead’s body, each kiss causing Tamsin to jump and see stars. Despite her protests, Tamsin could tell that Darcy was exhausted too as she collapsed on top of the redhead in a sweaty heap.

“I’ll order room service,” Tamsin said, pushing the alpha off of her.

“Not yet,” Darcy pulled her close.

“It won’t take a minute,” Tamsin assured her with a quick kiss. “You need to eat.”

Darcy grunted and loosened her grip.

Tamsin got up and pulled on a robe before ordering enough food to cater an office Christmas party. When she hung up the phone, she looked over to see Darcy had passed out.

The druid smiled as she watched the werewolf sleep. She thought it was cute the way Darcy crossed her arms even while she slept. She had noticed that Sarah did the same thing. She pulled out her cell phone and snapped a quick picture of Darcy. She would put it next to a picture of their baby in the same position later.

Tamsin’s phone made a noise and Darcy jolted out of her slumber.

“What’s wrong?” The alpha asked, “Is it the baby?”

“Sshh,” Tamsin said, sitting next to her wife and smoothing her hair. “It’s my mother, she probably just forgot where we keep the clean bottles. She’s face timing me, so you may-”

Darcy got up and pulled on a robe. Tamsin answered the call.

“Hey, Ma,” She said when her mother’s face appeared on the screen, “Everything alright?”

Susan opened her mouth to answer but the shrill scream of a baby crying came through the speaker.

Darcy was next to Tamsin, trying to see what was wrong with their daughter.

“She’s fine,” Susan assured them, “Just a little cranky. I know I said I would only call if it was an emergency but-”

“It’s okay,” Tamsin said, “Let’s have a look.”

Susan turned the phone and showed her husband cradling a very angry baby. Sarah’s face was red, her tiny fists balled and shaking, and she was screaming at the top of her little lungs.

Phillip looked up at the phone and gave them a sad smile, “I told her not to call you.”

“It’s alright,” Tamsin assured him, “She’s just a cranky little alpha who hasn’t got her way.”

Hearing her mother, Sarah stopped crying and looked around in search of her.

“What’s wrong, sweet girl?” Tamsin said, “Why are you giving Nan and Grandad such a fuss?”

The baby only responded with a pout and a much quieter cry.

“It’s okay, Sweets,” Darcy said, “Mummies will be home tomorrow.”

Sarah responded by rubbing her eyes and face, her crying was starting to taper off.

“Someone’s fighting sleep, huh?” Tamsin asked.

“Ever since she had her bath,” Phillip said, trying to rock the little girl to sleep.

“Darcy,” Tamsin said, “Do the trick.”

“Sarah,” Darcy cooed and the baby perked up. Darcy cleared her throat and started to sing. “Sarah smile,” It was a trick she only had to pull out if the little girl was determined to pull an all-nighter. “Won’t you smile a while for me, Sarah?

The dark-haired woman only made it halfway through the chorus before the baby was out like a light. The couple bid a quiet goodnight to their daughter and Tamsin’s parents before hanging up.

Tamsin was just about to put her phone away when Darcy stopped her. “I haven’t seen this one.”

Both women had hundreds of photos on their phones of their daughter. Darcy wanted to document every second of their baby’s life. Tamsin smiled as Darcy beamed at the picture of Sarah examining her fingers.

“I took it this morning,” Tamsin smiled, “She realized that she was the one making her fingers move.”

“She’s so beautiful,” Darcy said, “I can’t believe we made that.”

“Neither can I,” Tamsin admitted as she put the phone away.

“You know I wasn’t bullshitting earlier,” Darcy said, “She gets her good looks from you.”

Tamsin rolled her eyes, “You don’t have to sweet-talk me, you know. You already got lucky and will again after we eat.”

Darcy arched an eyebrow, “When is the food supposed to arrive?”

Tamsin checked the time, “They said it should be about an hour.”

“An hour?”

Tamsin simply smiled and stood back up untying her robe, “Yes, should give us just enough time to get cleaned up.”

The redhead started walking towards the bathroom stopping just before she reached the bathroom door. She looked over her shoulder at her mate.

Darcy watched as Tamsin slid the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“You coming?” She asked as she entered the bathroom.

Darcy stumbled to her feet and followed her wife into the bathroom.

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