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Happy Galentine's Day!

I hate Valentine's day. Always have. Always will.

But Galentine's day? Now we're talking.

Alright, so nerdiness aside, I tried to write an honest to God (probably poor choice of words there) sex scene. No fade to black this time. Just a story with some smut and a little fluff.

I should mention that this story is NSFW and I'm not entirely sure how well written it is, but I tried.

Let me know what you think.


Doctor, Doctor,

Give me the news

I gotta…

“Tamsin?” Darcy answered the phone, her voice rough after a restless night. “Is everything alright?”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, wh-”

The call disconnected before Darcy could finish speaking. She was just about to call Tamsin back when Robert Palmer started singing again, this time indicating a facetime call.

Darcy accepted the call and her jaw dropped. Somehow, Tamsin had managed to place the camera at a perfect angle that allowed her to go hands-free while also allowing Darcy a full view of the redhead’s naked body. Tamsin was lying on her side, her head resting on her hand. Her free hand resting casually on her hip.

Tamsin pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as she used a finger to trace a pattern across her hip and thigh, “Like what you see?”

“I love what I see,” Darcy grinned, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Just thought I’d return the favor for last night.”

Darcy cocked an eyebrow, Tamsin had left along with her mother, Ceridwen, and Mel the previous afternoon for a long spa weekend in New York. The couple had only spoken briefly the night before as Tamsin had been tired from the travelling. “Last night?”

“Your heat kicked in, did it not?”

“It did,” Darcy tried to contain a growl. It was the second time since they had met that the two of them weren’t together during Darcy’s heat. The first time, had been two weeks into their relationship and Darcy didn’t trust herself to keep control over her wolf. “But I handled it, myself.”

“Oh, I know,” Tamsin said as her fingers started to brush across her stomach and up to her breasts. “I dreamt about it.”

“You-” Darcy’s mouth went dry as she watched Tamsin’s nipples grow taut. “You dreamt about me masturbating?”

Tamsin giggled when Darcy’s voice cracked on the last word. “Not exactly. I think our bond showed me what you were fantasizing about and allowed me to have a very satisfying dream.”

Darcy felt the heat rise to her cheeks. She had fantasized about her mate. Though her imagination had gotten the better of her, picturing the redhead in some very submissive positions.

“It’s okay, baby,” Tamsin assured her, “I liked it.”

Darcy felt her crooked grin spread across her face. “What happened in this dream?”

“Well,” Tamsin smiled wickedly. “We were kissing.”

“Always a good start,” Darcy smiled as her wolf whined in the back of her mind. She wanted nothing more than to kiss Tamsin right now. “Where?”

“In the living room,” Tamsin said, “On the sofa.”

The thought alone made Darcy’s eyes roll back in her head. She couldn’t remember the last time they had been able to just make out on the sofa like a couple of teenagers.

“You started off kissing me sweetly,” Tamsin continued, “but then you started opening your mouth.”

“Uh-huh,” Darcy felt her breath picking up as Tamsin’s hand went from feather light touches of her finger tips to full grouping.

“You must have been really excited because you started pulling my clothes off almost immediately.”

“Too fast for you?”

“Not at all,” Tamsin’s hand slowly moved from her breast down her stomach and pubic bone. Before her fingers made contact between her legs, she proceeded to her thigh, running her nails across her flesh. “I was more than ready for you.”

Darcy swallowed, thickly, “Then what?”

“I tried to get your clothes off too, but you were so fixated on me. You kept thrusting your hips into me, but you were wearing jeans. It took me a second to feel it.”

“Feel what?”

“Our strap on.”

Darcy’s eyes widened. They hadn’t used the strap on, yet. In fact, the alpha never had an interest in such a thing before Tamsin asked if she would ever be willing to try it.

They had discussed it, of course. Tamsin had to assure Darcy that, yes she was satisfied with their sex life and yes, Darcy always met her needs. It was just something the doctor had always been curious to try and only ever felt comfortable discussing it with her mate.

The werewolf bought one online and kept it hidden in her nightstand. Practicing with it the few times she was alone. The previous night had been the first in so long that Darcy spent alone so it allowed her plenty of time to practice.

“I don’t know why you’ve been so nervous about it,” Tamsin said with a knowing smile as her fingers teased her sex. “You were amazing.”

“I was?”

Tamsin nodded as her eyelids fluttered in pleasure.

Darcy’s ego swelled.

“I’m wet just thinking about it. Are you?”

Darcy didn’t need to touch herself to know that she was, but she mirrored the redhead’s

movements on herself. “Yeah, babe, so wet.”

Tamsin gasped and Darcy felt the wave of pleasure through their bond. “I just keep picturing you spinning me around and bending me over the arm of the sofa...”

Darcy managed a growl as she watched Tamsin turn her body so she was on her hand and knees.

“Just like this then I heard you unzip your jeans… Oh, baby, I almost came right then.”

“Christ, Tamsin,” Darcy husked. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

“I can’t wait for you to make it a reality. I want to feel you inside of me, both of your hands free to touch me any and everywhere while you thrust into me deeper and deeper. I’m close, baby,” Tamsin moaned, “I’m so close.”

Darcy stared at her phone screen, trying to concentrate on the task in hand. Her mate looked absolutely beautiful with her flushed skin and her hair falling down on the opposite side of her face. It was almost as though she was in bed with Darcy and not nine hours away in New York.


Darcy had lost her train of thought watching her wife come undone, she had forgotten that she was supposed to be participating. Watching the redhead pleasure herself almost always made Darcy finish before she could start anything.

“Yeah, gorgeous,” Darcy gasped as she moved her hand trying to picture it as Tamsin’s rather than her own.

“I need to come,” Tamsin cried out. “I want to come with you. Tell me when to come, alpha.”

“Fuck, Tamsin,” Tamsin’s dirty talk alone was enough to send Darcy over the edge. The alpha moaned before she managed to say, “I’m coming.”

Tamsin threw her head back, exposing her neck as she orgasmed. Darcy growled at the sight as she wanted to sink her teeth in the nape of her mate’s neck as she knew it would send both of them over the edge again.

“I know, baby,” Tamsin said as she collapsed against the mattress and tried to catch her breath.

“Just two more nights.”

“I don’t think I’ll make it,” Darcy panted. “I might just have to make a special trip to New York.”

“What about the old saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder?”

“Well, whoever came up with that saying wasn’t a werewolf in heat.”

“You told me you could handle it while I was away.”

“And I was doing just fine until you called me to tell me all about the sex dream you had last night.”

Tamsin bit her lip, attempting to look coy.

Darcy growled again, “I think you just like teasing me, Doctor.”

Tamsin looked like she wanted to say something, but stopped as Darcy sat up in bed when she heard the door handle turn. Luckily, she had locked the door last night just to be safe.

“Mummy?” Sarah’s voice asked softly through the door, before she started slapping her hands on it in an excited tempo. “Mummy home?”

“She cracked the code,” Darcy smiled as she pulled on some clothes. She had tried to teach their daughter to knock before entering their bedroom. Telling her that adults needed privacy and to be respectful when the door was closed, but as Tamsin had predicted, a three year old couldn’t comprehend the idea of privacy.

Darcy really didn’t like the idea of locking their door, but one close call had been enough to convince the alpha that locking the door was a better alternative to their daughter opening the door and finding them in a compromising position. It hadn’t taken the little girl long to figure out that if the door was locked, then both her mothers were inside.

“At least her timing is getting better,” Tamsin said, as she pulled the covers over her body. Darcy grunted in protest. “I hardly think it would be appropriate to greet our daughter the way I did you.”

Darcy rolled her eyes and opened the bedroom door. A very excited toddler burst into the room and climbed onto the bed. When she realized that Tamsin wasn’t there, she looked around the room.

“Mummy home?”

Darcy gave the girl a small smile, “Not yet, Sweets. Want to talk to her?”

Darcy sat down so Sarah could sit in her lap. She held up the phone so they could both talk to Tamsin. “Hello, my sweet girl,” Tamsin said brightly. “Did you sleep well?”

“Mummy you come home?” Sarah asked.

“Two more sleeps, sweetie.”

Sarah started to pout, making sure to stick her bottom lip out. Darcy felt her heart sink. She never could take the sight of her daughter pouting.

“I’ll bet you and Mama are having all kinds of fun while I’m gone,” Tamsin said.

“Miss you, Mummy!” Sarah whined.

“And I miss you,” Tamsin assured the little girl. “But I’ll be home soon. Why don’t you tell me what fun stuff you and Mama did last night?”

Sarah perked up, “Mama gave me beer!”

“She did what?”

Root beer,” Darcy corrected. “Gareth thought it would be a special treat for the kids. I put some in her cup last night.”

“When the cats are away…” Tamsin smiled and shook her head, “We can’t leave you guys alone for a second can we?”

“It wasn’t much and the kids had been so well behaved at the park.”

“Hungry, Mama,” Sarah said as she fidgeted in Darcy’s lap.

“Okay, Sweets, tell Mummy bye and I’ll get breakfast started.”

“Bye, Mummy,” Sarah said as she blew kisses at the screen. “You come home now?”

“As quick as I can, sweetheart,” Tamsin returned the kisses. “I love you.”

“Love you,” Sarah said, sliding off the bed, “Breakfast, Mama!”

“I’ll be down in a minute,” Darcy said as the little girl took off. She turned her attention back to her phone to find Tamsin smiling at her. “What?”

“Who would have guessed the Collins girls were so needy?”

“Excuse us for loving you,” Darcy said.

“What’s the plan for today?”

“I thought I told you, I’m making a special trip out to New York.”

“No,” Tamsin said, “This is our ladies only weekend. No significant others or children allowed.”

“I’m a lady,” Darcy argued.

“The things you do to me aren’t very lady-like,” Tamsin purred, making Darcy’s hair bristle.

The alpha opened her mouth to offer a retort when a knock sounded over the speaker.

“Tamsin!” Mel’s voice called, “You ready? We have to be down at the spa in fifteen minutes.”

“Just a sec,” Tamsin answered as she sat back up, the blankets dropped and exposed her bare breasts to the camera. Darcy growled causing Tamsin to shudder. “I’m being summoned, baby.”

“Mama!” Sarah called from downstairs.

“So am I,” Darcy sighed.

“Call me tonight,” Tamsin said, “After she’s asleep.”

“I will,” Darcy said, “I love you, gorgeous.”

“I love you too, alpha.”

Darcy shuddered as the call ended.

“Mama!” Sarah called again.

“I’m coming, Sweets,” Darcy called back.

Two more sleeps, she reminded herself. Just two more sleeps.

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