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Fight, Fight, Fight!

I shared this story at the end of "The Heir".

If, by chance, you didn't read it the story takes place when Darcy and Ceridwen are in grade 6 and Darcy is having a hard time adjusting to her new gym class.


Darcy hated grade 6.

Everyone was suddenly too mature to do anything fun anymore. All the girls wanted to do was go shopping at the mall while all the boys followed them around like puppies. Birthday parties were suddenly “boy/girl parties” which always resulted in a game of spin the bottle.

Darcy had been pulled into a game only to end up pushed into a closet with Tommy Dixon. He was nice and Darcy liked him well enough. They usually talked about comic books and debated who was the best X-men (Darcy said Gambit while Tommy was team Wolverine). The second the closet door closed Darcy opened her mouth to tell him they didn’t have to kiss when the boy lunged at her and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

Darcy pushed him off, gagging and feeling sick to her stomach. She left the closet and the party early. Every time she thought about Tommy kissing her, she felt sick. What was worse, she could never talk to her friend again for fear he might try again.

The thing she hated most about grade 6 was the fact that she had to change into gym clothes for PE class. The locker rooms smelled sour, like old soup and fruity perfume. All the other girls were happy to walk around in nothing but their underwear talking about how they were going to have to start shopping at Victoria's Secret and laughing at the girls with flat chests.

Darcy was one of those flat-chested girls.

While she wasn’t ashamed of her body, Darcy was suddenly very aware of all the other girls’ bodies. She wondered why some girls were developing a lot quicker than others, but she also didn’t want to be accused of staring.

She would run to gym class, retreat to a far corner and change with her back to everyone, then quickly leave before she had the chance to notice anyone else.

It was a good system and no one was the wiser.

That is until Dominique Powell announced that everyone should look at her new bra.


“I’m telling you guys, Darcy Collins was staring at me while I was changing in the locker room,” Ceridwen perked up when she heard her sister’s name.

“Ew,” another girl said.

“Did you tell the coach?”

“No way,” Dominique said, “Then he would make a big deal of it and everyone in school would know.”

Ceri rolled her eyes. She knew for a fact that Darcy went to the farthest corner of the locker room and kept her back turned to the rest of the girls. She also knew that Darcy was always the first to change and make her way into the gym.

“I feel bad for Ceri,” One of the girls in Dominique’s clique said. “Can you imagine having a lez for a sister?”

“I heard that she’s such a big dyke that her parents had to move her out to the barn to keep her from messing with Ceri.”

Ceri let out a low growl. How dare those girls talk about her sister like that? Ceri was well aware that Darcy liked girls the way she liked boys, so what? And why on Earth would Darcy being gay make her parents want to move her out to the barn?

The girls quieted down when Darcy emerged from the school and made her way over to Ceri, so they could wait for their bus.

“What happened in gym today?” Ceri asked.

Darcy’s face went pale. “How-”

“I heard them talking.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Darcy said.

“You’re my sister, I’m going to worry about it.”

“Fine,” Darcy sighed, “Dominique was in the locker room telling everyone how she didn’t need a training bra and wanted everyone to see the bra she needed to wear. I was leaving but noticed something was off about it. I didn’t realize I was staring until she started screaming.”

Ceri glanced back and looked at Dominique. Their classmate had spent the entire first week of grade 6 bragging about how she hit puberty over the summer. The only difference the young omega had noticed was how mean she had become.

“What was wrong with it?”

Darcy shrugged, “I don’t know, it was just… weird. It looked like it didn’t fit right and whatever she had in the cups definitely wasn’t boobs.”

Ceri snorted.

“What were they saying?”

“Just that you were staring,” Ceri said, sparing her sister the finer details. “They think you’re gay.”

Darcy picked at a loose string on her jeans.

“But they think anyone who wears a sports bra is gay, so…”

“Yeah,” Darcy said, unconvinced. “You think they’re gonna tell?”

“Tell who?”

“An adult?” Darcy shrugged again, “I don’t want to get into trouble, I didn’t mean to look.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Ceri took Darcy’s hand and squeezed it. “You’re not going to get into trouble.”

Darcy gave her sister a small smile and squeezed back.


Darcy started changing in the bathroom stalls for gym. She figured it would be safer. No one could accuse her of staring if she was hiding in the stall, right?


There was a whole new set of rumors when the young alpha had tried to give herself and others more privacy.

“She’s a hermaphrodite, she’s just trying to hide the fact that she has a… you know,” One girl said.

“I heard she has to take shots to keep her alpha hormones in check,” Said another.

Ceri rolled her eyes, they should know better. Werewolves didn’t start going into heat until they were at least eighteen and all the girls had seen Darcy change during a pack meeting. They were well aware Darcy was all female.

“No, you’re both wrong,” Dominique said, “She’s going into the stall because I caught her. She’s just staring at us through the crack in the stall.”

“Ew, you’re right!”

“What a perv!”

Ceri felt her hair bristle. “No, Dominique, the only one who stares at people through the bathroom stall is you!”

The girls looked up and noticed the omega looking down at them, her hands on her hips.

“What?” Dominique looked at Ceri like she’d seen a ghost. “I don’t-”

“Yes, you do,” Ceri said, “It’s why you had to go to the bathroom separately all through grades 4 and 5. It’s why you had to see the counselor twice a week. I’m surprised you guys haven’t noticed. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” One of the girls said.

“I know her parents paid a lot of people to keep quiet about it. Didn’t want word to spread that their princess was a pervert.”

“You wish,” Dominique said, standing up and coming to face Ceridwen. They were the same height, but she was trying her best to intimidate the omega. It wasn’t working as Ceri had long since been Moon Called. Despite her pack status, she was the more powerful wolf as Dominique's powers hadn’t developed yet. “You’re just a filthy omega desperate for attention, so you have to make up lies about me peeking at you in the bathroom.”

“No, you were too busy watching Darcy in the bathroom to notice anyone else,” Ceri said without missing a beat.

A crowd of students gathered around them, Ceri was glad because she needed a crowd to carry out her plan.

Dominique’s face was beet red. Her secret, exposed. “Y-you…”

“Oh, yeah,” Ceri said, she was addressing the crowd that was growing around them, “All you girls that go into the bathroom with Dominique might want to be careful. She likes to watch other people pee.”

Everyone started talking. Ceri couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride when she heard several classmates make noises of disgust.

“And to all the girls that she says are part of her itty bitty titty committee?”

The crowd went silent as Ceri continued, hanging on her every word.

“Meet your president,” Ceri swung her fist as hard as she could into the other girl’s chest, the crowd gasped as Ceri’s punch had popped the balloon in Dominique’s bra, causing chocolate pudding to explode all over her chest.

The crowd all started to point and laugh at Dominique. Ceri gave the girl a smug look.

“YOU BITCH!” Dominique screamed, throwing herself at Ceri.


Darcy had to exchange a few library books before she met Ceri to catch the bus. She was making her way outside trying to figure out which one to read first when a couple of students rushed past her.

“Come on, Collins,” one of them said, “There’s a fight going on.”

“So?” Darcy shrugged.

“Your sister is beating up Dominique,” Another said.

Darcy took off, leaving the other students in the dust.

When Darcy got outside, she found what looked like the entire student body circled around and cheering:


Darcy pushed her way through and found Ceri and Dominique brawling on the ground. Both girls were screaming, scratching, and pulling hair.

“Hey!” Darcy yelled, “Get off of her!”

She wasn’t entirely sure who she was talking to. Dominique may have been going crazy on her sister, but Ceri was certainly holding her own and giving it right back.

Darcy took a risk and wrapped one of her arms around someone’s waist, pulling the girls apart. She could only do so much as she realized she had just pulled Dominique off her sister and Ceri wasn’t ready to let up.

“Stop, Ceridwen!” Darcy said, Darcy could smell blood and it wasn’t coming from her sister. She held Dominique out of Ceri’s reach, while simultaneously pushing Ceri away.

“Get you hands off me, dyke!” Dominique yelled.

“Quit calling her that, Princess Perv!” Ceri shouted.

“What’s going on here?!” A voice erupted, the crowd of students quickly dissipated. Suddenly, the school principal was the only one looking at them.

“Ladies,” he said, taking in the sight before him. “Follow me.”


Ceri and Dominique both ended up with a week’s detention. They also had to go to peer mediation, which Ceri told Darcy was stupid, because it wouldn’t stop Dominique from acting like an uppity bitch.

The principal had tried to give Darcy detention as well, but Ceri wouldn’t hear of it. She told the principal that Darcy was just trying to break up the fight and even had several people vouch for the young alpha.

Their parents made Ceri apologize to Dominique in front of the whole pack. Darcy thought it was bullshit, but Ceri told her not to worry about it.

The omega stood in front of the pack and read her apology:

“Dominique, I’m sorry.”

That you’re such a bitch, Ceri added, but only she and Darcy could hear.

“I shouldn’t have said the things I did.”

I should have announced them through the PA system.

“I shouldn’t have called you the names I did.”

I have better ones now!

“I also shouldn’t have hit you.”

In just one boob, I should have made them both pop.

“I was upset at the lies you were spreading about my sister and I could no longer listen to you

bullying her.”

I wish she had been there to see it all go down.

Darcy hid the smile that spread over her lips as Ceri added her mental commentary.


That night, when the girls were heading off to bed, Ceri had received a lecture from her father about how what she did was wrong. That even though she was standing up for Darcy, she had to remember her place. In the future, she was to tell him if there was a problem.

Her mother came in after and told her how proud she was of her for standing up for her sister.

“It may have been a bit uncouth, my love, but not everyone is brave enough to stand up to a bully.”

Ceri had just started to drift off when a soft knock grazed her door.

“Hey,” Darcy said, quietly.

“Hey,” Ceri sat up, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Darcy said, as she sat on the edge of her bed. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“For what?”

“For standing up for me,” Darcy said softly. “For not caring that I’m… different.”

Ceri could see the tears pooling in Darcy’s eyes. She reached over and took the alpha’s hand. “Everyone is different, Darcy. You are my sister. No matter what you are or who you love, nothing will change that.”

Darcy smiled and gave her sister’s hand a squeeze, “Thanks, Kiddo.”

Ceri rolled her eyes, “Quit calling me that, you’re only ten minutes older.”

“Sorry,” Darcy chuckled as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “So, how did you know her boobs were just balloons full of pudding?”

“The filling was going bad,” Ceri explained. “I could smell rotten food coming off her a mile away.”


“You’re telling me,” Ceri said, “It got all over me when we started fighting, I can still smell it in my hair.”

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