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June 2004

Darcy had been debating on coming out to her parents for some time. Ever since last summer when Ontario made gay marriage legal. Both of her parents were happy that it had been legalized and said it was only a matter of time before it was legal nationwide.

Ceri had hugged her when she heard the news. Darcy even teared up a little.

Not that marriage was a big deal. Even if Canada never made it legal Darcy could still develop a mate bond that was more binding then some stupid piece of paper. But it was nice to know if she ever wanted to marry someone, she had the option.

She didn’t tell her parents last summer, mainly because Krissi asked her not to. Before she had arrived for summer break, the blonde had reached out to Darcy through instant messenger to tell the young alpha that she was newly single and wanting to pick up where they had left off.

They weren’t girlfriends. The blonde had made that very clear. Darcy wanted to make Krissi her girlfriend, but she wasn’t about to pass on the opportunity to kiss her anytime she wanted. They spent a majority of the summer making out during “riding lessons”. There were even several nights when Krissi would sneak out of Ceri’s bedroom into Darcy’s where making out quickly turned to hands roaming under clothes. Of course, that only led to clothes being pulled off and warm mouths gliding across hot skin. It had been during one of those late-night visits when Krissi let Darcy keep going and going until Darcy realized she was having sex for the first time.

Anytime Darcy mentioned telling her parents she was gay, Krissi shut it down. The other girl was convinced that if Darcy came out then everyone would realize what they were doing.

Darcy was pretty sure her parents were clueless.

After all, Bernadette had practically caught them dry humping and never said anything about it. Darcy often wondered how her mother didn’t smell their arousal, maybe she just thought it was Darcy’s heat.

Darcy had respected Krissi’s wishes and held off telling them. After Krissi left, she tried a few times. But she could never find the right way to do it.

She knew her parents weren’t homophobic. Her mother loved Boy George and Elton John plus Darcy and her father had watched plenty of movies with gay characters. But she’d also heard plenty of stories of people who came out only to be kicked out of their house and disowned by their parents.

“Darcy,” Ceri said when Darcy had expressed her worries, “Mum and Da aren’t like that.”

“I know,” Darcy said. “But some of these people talk about how they never thought their parents would behave the way they did.”

“They have to know.”

“You think?”

“I knew.”

“But we’re twins,” Darcy argued. “We know almost everything about each other.”

“Like how you lost your virginity to Krissi last summer?”

Darcy’s jaw dropped. “You know about that?”

Ceri laughed, “You two weren’t exactly subtle.”

“You… you saw us?”

“No,” Ceri smiled at her sister whose face was growing redder with every second. “But Krissi took riding lessons all summer but still jumped every time a horse made a noise.”

Darcy ran her hand through her hair, “Yeah, I should have squeezed in a couple of real lessons.”

“Plus, Krissi would disappear during our sleepovers and come back to my room reeking of you before dawn.”

Darcy kept playing with her hair. A nervous habit of hers.

“Is she why you didn’t tell them last summer?”

“Part of it.”

“Darcy, I promise, Mum and Da aren’t going to kick you out and they certainly won’t stop loving you.”

“But what if they do?”

Ceri took her sister’s hand and squeezed, “Then they’ll lose both daughters.”


“What’s on your mind, my love?” Bernadette asked. She and Darcy were enjoying their morning coffee in Bernadette’s studio. Well, she was enjoying her coffee, Darcy kept staring into her mug, but had yet to take a sip.

“Nothing,” Darcy said softly.

Bernadette put her mug down before taking Darcy’s and setting it down as well. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Darcy’s face paled, “Well… there is something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while. But I-I’m not sure how to… Ceri says I shouldn’t be worried… But I’ve been doing so much reading and hearing all these other stories of-of kids who are… Who have...”

“Sshh, love,” Bernadette said, pulling her daughter into her arms. “It’s okay, I know.”

“I don’t think you do.”

“That you’re gay?” Darcy stiffened in her mother’s arms. “Of course, I do. I’ve known since you were two.”

“You have?”

Bernadette nodded, “You picked out Spider-man pants.”

“I could have just liked Spider-man,” Darcy argued. “It’s not like girl’s underwear offered a selection for tomboys.”

“I considered that,” Her mother admitted, “But my suspicions were confirmed when you were six and you told me you wanted to be Batman when you grow up. I asked if you wanted to fight crime and you told me: ‘No, I want to kiss Catwoman.’”

Darcy groaned, “Did I really?”

“You did.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“It wasn’t my place. Honestly, I never really imagined a big coming out declaration. I just always assumed you would just start dating girls the way your sister started dating boys.”

Darcy laughed, “If only it were that simple.”

Bernadette took in the scent of her daughter’s hair and placed a kiss into it.

“So how did Da know?”

Bernadette stiffened this time. “I don’t think he does.”

Darcy pulled back to meet her mother’s eyes. “Really?”

“I love your father, Darcy,” Bernadette said with a sigh, “But he can be so bloody clueless. When my water broke, he asked me if we had time to stop and get something to eat.”

“To be fair,” Darcy said, “Don’t babies take forever to be born?”

The older woman rolled her eyes, “If you and your future mate ever decide to have children, never say anything like that.”

“Do you think Da will be okay with this?”

“Darcy, love, your father loves you girls more than life itself. There’s nothing you could ever say or do that would ever make him stop loving you.”

“You think?”

Bernadette smiled. “I’ll help you tell your father.”


Alistair was checking emails in his home office when he heard a soft knock.

“Yes,” He called. The office door opened, he looked up to find his wife and Darcy entering the room. He couldn’t help but smile. “Well, there’s two of my three favorite ladies. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Alistair,” Bernadette said, “Darcy has something she wants to share with you.”

The alpha cocked an eyebrow, “Oh?”

Darcy sat down in the chair across from him, her eyes in her lap.

“It’s okay, love,” Bernadette said, kissing the top of her head.

“Is something wrong?” Alistair asked.

“No,” Bernadette assured him, “Nothing’s wrong. Right, Darcy?”

“Right,” the young alpha said. “Da, there’s something you should know.”

Darcy’s voice trailed off, her gaze focused on her hands. Alistair couldn’t stand watching his daughter in distress. “I think I know what this is about.”

Both Darcy and Bernadette looked up at him, surprised. “You do?” They both asked.

Alistair nodded, “It’s our trip out to Calgary, right? You think you’re too old for it anymore.”

“No,” Darcy said, “I’m really looking forward to that.”

“Is this about Oxford?” Alistair asked, “Because you know if you’re having second thoughts-”

“I’m not nervous about Oxford,” Darcy said.

“Then what is it?” He asked. Darcy’s mouth opened and closed several times as she tried to find the words. “Trust me, Pup, whatever it is you can tell me.”

“I’m gay.”

Alistair stared at his daughter. Surely he hadn’t heard her right. “What was that?”

“I’m gay, Da.”

The pack leader’s gaze jumped back and forth between his wife and his heir.

“Alistair,” Bernadette said, “Did you hear what she said?”

“Yes, I did,” He said, his gaze fixed on the younger alpha. “And no, you’re not.”


“You’re not gay,” The alpha clarified. “You’re just confused.”

“I’m not confused, Da. I’ve never been more sure of anything, ever.”

“You can’t be gay, Darcy,” Alistair said, his voice firm. “You’re an alpha.”

“Alistair,” Bernadette said, “You know plenty of alphas that are gay.”

“No,” Alistair said, standing up. “This is my fault. I should have made you socialize more. I shouldn’t have been so strict about boys.”

“Da, you could have let them sleep in the bed with me and nothing would have happened. I have no interest in them. I never have and I never will.”

“How could you possibly know if you’ve never tried?”

Darcy locked eyes with her father and stood up so they were on more even ground, “Tell me, Da, who was the boy you tried it with that confirmed you were straight?”

Alistair narrowed his eyes and growled, “That’s not funny.”

Darcy kept his gaze. “Who’s laughing?”

“You don’t leave for University until the end of September,” Alistair said. “I have a few associates who have been wanting to join the pack and they have sons about your age. I’ll set up a few-”

“Alistair, this is the twenty-first century. You will not arrange for her to be shown off and sold to the highest bidder.”

“I’m only suggesting she meet some new people,” Alistair said, his eyes still locked with Darcy’s. “Maybe it’s just high school boys you’re not interested in. You’ve always been mature for your age.”

“Da, it doesn’t matter how mature they are. If they have a penis, I’m not interested.”

“Don’t be crass,” Alistair growled.

“I’m just being honest,” Darcy snarled.

Bernadette watched as the alphas stared each other down. Both their eyes had surrendered to their wolf. Neither one backing down anytime soon, Bernadette could feel the power radiating off the two of them.

Alistair’s hair was beginning to bristle, while Darcy’s teeth were shifting into fangs. Neither one of them was going to back down and if she didn’t do something soon, there would be bloodshed.

“Enough!” Bernadette said, stepping between the two, breaking their stare off without either one of them having to back down. “Darcy, I need to speak to your father alone.”


“Now, Darcy!” She didn’t yell, but her voice was firm.

“Yes, Mum.”

Alistair waited until the door closed before he spoke, “I was handling it.”

“No,” Bernadette corrected, “You were being an ass.”

“She’s not gay, Bernadette. She can’t be.”

“She can and she is.”

“No!” The alpha shouted, pounding his fist on his desk. “She is the heir. She has to continue the Collins bloodline. It’s her responsibility.”

“You know we have two daughters, right? Ceridwen can just as easily carry on the family name.”

“It’s not the same,” Alistair said, “It’s the heir’s duty to carry on the bloodline.”

“Maybe Darcy isn’t the heir,” Bernadette suggested. “She’s never shown interest in taking over and we both know she could have challenged you for pack leader when she was a child.”

“Of course she's the heir, it’s not as though Ceridwen could be. Darcy’s just young, she’s confused.”

“She’s not confused, Alistair,” Bernadette said. “Haven’t you ever noticed that Darcy has zero interest in the male population? You know six boys asked her to prom and she turned them all down?”

“She’s choosy,” Alistair shrugged.

“No, she’s gay. Did you see the way she looked at Krissi every summer? Do you really think that girl chose to stay here during her summer break over California?”

It took Alistair a minute to understand what his wife was telling him, “You mean… Darcy and Krissi…”

Bernadette sighed, “I don’t know for sure, but there were a few times I noticed that Darcy’s lips were a little kiss swollen after giving her a riding lesson.”

Alistair shook his head, it suddenly made sense. He’d gone out to the barn to find Darcy and Krissi covered in hay and a little out of breath. They’d always explain it away with a horse that knocked Darcy over or that Krissi needed help getting on the horse. “She’s just experimenting. Perfectly natural for a girl her age. Maybe we shouldn’t let Krissi come around so often this year, she’s confusing Darcy too much.

“Alistair, for the last bloody time, she’s not confused!”

“You’re not helping by encouraging her, either.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Darcy’s special,” Alistair explained, “She started going into heat earlier and more rapidly than other girls. All those hormones take a toll on your body. Krissi is a beautiful girl, it’s no wonder Darcy may have tried a few things with her. She needed a release.”

“That’s not-” Bernadette tried to interject, but her husband continued.

“I know how much you love our daughters, as do I, but you need to understand Darcy has certain responsibilities that she will need to fulfill one day. She can’t do that if you’re letting her play grab-ass with other girls.”

“So if Ceridwen came in here and told you she was a lesbian, you’d be fine with it?”

“She’s not.”

“I cannot believe you!” Bernadette hissed through bared teeth. “You always told them that you wanted them to live their lives how they wanted. That all you wanted was for them to be happy because you were coerced your whole life. That you had to give up your dreams of becoming a scientist and you never wanted to do that to your children.

“Now, your daughter is trying to live her truth and you’re standing here acting just like your father.”

“I am not my father,” Alistair snarled.

“Whatever you say, Arthur,” Bernadette replied, turning on her heel and leaving the office.


Tensions ran high in the Collins household after that. Darcy and Alistair were rarely in the same room at the same time. If one entered a room the other was in, one of them usually left.

Bernadette had kicked Alistair out of their bedroom and would barely speak to him. When Darcy told Ceri what had happened when she told their father, the omega decided to stop speaking to him as well.

About a week after Darcy’s confession, Alistair summoned the family for a meeting around the dining room table. While none of the Collins women were particularly happy about having to sit with the pack leader, they sat down and waited for an apology.

He had made dinner, something that he rarely did, which made Bernadette think he was using dinner as some sort of peace offering.

“Girls,” He said, “Thank you for having dinner with me.”

None of the women said anything.

“I know none of you are very happy with me,” He continued, “But I thought we should all sit down and discuss this.”

Again, all the women remained quiet.

“I suppose I’ll start,” Alistair said with a sigh. “Darcy, I understand that you’re… different.”

Ceri watched as Darcy met their father’s gaze for the first time.

“Different?” The young alpha growled.

“It’s completely understandable, given the circumstances,” Alistair explained. “You started going into heat at such a young age and you’re such a powerful alpha, it’s no wonder you sought release from anyone.”

“She wasn’t just anyone,” Darcy snarled.

“Trust me, I completely understand the appeal of a beautiful woman. It’s also nice to know that I don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant out of bond.”

Their mother let out a soft, warning growl, “Alistair.”

The alpha ignored his mate, “You have to understand that as the heir you have responsibilities.”

“Not this again,” Darcy said.

“You’re young and I know both of you will be exposed to all sorts of things when you go to university. I don’t want either of you to miss out on anything, but at the same time, you have to remember that you aren’t like other teenagers. You have responsibilities to uphold.”

“Like pop out two-point-five pups with a pseudo-mate that will just try and use me for my power and pack status?” Ceri looked and saw that the fork Darcy was holding was now twisted and gnarled in her fist. “Some wannabe alpha male who thinks female alphas are beneath males or even nonexistent?

“I’d never let that happen,” Alistair assured his daughter. “There are male omegas who would be suitable-”

The Collins patriarch was cut off as he had to duck from the plate thrown at his head. Darcy stood at the opposite side of the table, her hands flat on the tabletop and her body hunched as if she were ready to vault over it.

“Are you insane?!” Alistair roared, mirroring his daughter’s stance.

“No male will ever lay his hands on me,” Darcy snarled. “I’m not some walking puppy mill for you or any other wolf.”

“It’s your duty as the heir-”

“Fuck my duty!”

Alistair pounded his fist on the table, causing Ceri and Bernadette to jump, “You will show me respect, Darcy Collins! I am your father and your pack leader.”

Darcy rolled her eyes and turned away from the table.

“Where are you going?” Alistair asked.

“Away from you and all this pack bullshit,” Darcy said, not bothering to look back at him.

Alistair moved to charge after the younger alpha. Ceri immediately shot up from her seat and screamed: “Stop!”

Alistair was knocked back into his chair, staring at his youngest with wide eyes. “What the-” was all he could manage to say as Ceri quickly followed her sister out of the room.


The next few days were even worse. Darcy refused to enter the main house, taking her meals at their grandparents’ house and avoiding her father at all costs.

Alistair spent most of his days in the city, coming home in the late hours of the night and leaving early in the mornings.

Ceridwen was trying to figure out a way to bring peace back into the house, but it all seemed useless as both alphas were being stubborn and refused to listen to what the other might have to say.

Ceri decided to try and talk to Darcy and see if she could convince her to talk to their father again. She went up to Darcy’s room to find her dark-haired twin folding her clothes into a suitcase.

“What are you doing?”

“Packing,” Darcy said, not looking up. “I can’t stay here anymore.”

“You’re going to stay with Gran and Grandad?”

“No, I’m going to Oxford.”

Ceri felt her heart sink, “Oxford?”

“Yep,” Darcy popped the p.

“But, I thought the semester didn’t start until late September?”

“Normally it doesn’t,” Darcy explained, “But they’ve just started a summer program. Mum pulled some strings so I could join them. I have to leave tonight if I want to make it in time.”

“What about Krissi?” Ceri asked.

“What about her?” Darcy said coldly.

“Don’t you want to at least want to say goodbye?”

“She doesn’t give a shit about me.”

“That’s not true-”

“Yeah, it is,” Darcy said. “She’s not coming to visit this summer. She and that idiot boyfriend are getting married.”

“Married?” Ceri asked, “She didn’t tell me that.”

“Well, she is,” Darcy said, “She’s going to throw her life away on some guy that treats her like his property and pop out a bunch of his screaming brats that will treat her as badly as he does.”

Ceri could tell Darcy was hurting. The alpha had developed real feelings for Krissi over the years. Deep down Ceri knew that Krissi didn’t feel the same way Darcy did. She just enjoyed sneaking around. But the omega had secretly hoped that Krissi would realize how great her sister was and at least try to have a real relationship with her.

“What about your trip to Calgary?”

Darcy barked out a harsh laugh, “Da and I can’t even be on the same property. How do you think we’ll manage a plane ride?”

“Then what