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A retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow set in the mid 1990's.

FBI profiler, Elizabeth Crane, is sent to Sleepy Hollow to help the village police investigate a possible serial killer known as 'The Horseman'. While there, she stays at a local bed & breakfast run by the town sweetheart, Katrina Dekker. Despite the murder investigation, Elizabeth finds herself charmed by the small village and has a growing chemistry
with Katrina. However, strange things begin happening and Elizabeth can't help but question everyone and everything around her.

Is there a serial killer in the village or is The Headless Horseman real?

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The Collins Trilogy is now available in one, complete eBook. Newly edited with new material including a steamy short story.


Plus a beautiful, new cover by the amazing Rafi de Sousa

Book 1: The Calling

Even in the supernatural world, Darcy and Ceridwen Collins are considered quite extraordinary. They’re the first females born into the Collins clan in nearly 1,000 years. They’re not only twins (an extreme rarity in the werewolf world) but twins that get along despite their Alpha/Omega dynamic.

Darcy, as the first born and alpha, is the heir of the Collins pack. Destined to take over as pack leader when their father steps down. However, Darcy doesn't want to be the leader and has been trying to convince their father to name her sister as the proper heir for years. He won’t hear of such a thing as an omega becoming pack leader would surely end in anarchy. Things start looking up when a beautiful druid doctor comes into the twins’ lives, befriending Ceridwen and enthralling Darcy instantly. Making their parents and the rest of the pack think that Darcy has finally decided to accept her destiny.

Of course, not everyone wants Darcy to take over as pack leader and a sinister plan begins to develop in an effort to bring down the Collins reign once and for all.


"Kate is a godsend to the LGBT category!"

"Brought me out of my reader's block!"


"Intriguing and packed with action!"

"I could read a lifetime series about the Collins pack"

 "It’s like a comforting hug with added sword fights and dramatic thrills." 

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